Unlearning Human Aspirations

“The function, the very serious function of racism, is distraction” 
– Toni Morrison
They tell us we are apes, so we spend our time hating apes and fighting to be recognised as human.
They tell us we are not human, so we use our energy telling them that we matter, re batho: Motho ke motho ka batho*. Humanity is shared.
They concede, spare us some rights, but still believe in their superiority, in our sub-humanity. 
So we protest, scream and shout, that we are not inferior, that we are equals.
We want equality.
But equality to them feels like oppression.
They don’t see our pain, they tell us that we’re delusional. Imagining it. Making things worse.
Truth is-
they don’t see us,
because they don’t want to see us. 
Not because we are invisible.
So, here you are.
confronted again with dehumanisation- what do you do?
Stop looking for love from those who know nothing but hatred
Stop looking for acceptance from those who’ve instilled in you a deep self-hatred
Those who have set the standards for what is considered human/humanity/humaneness, have spent the last few centuries, showing us their humanity through slavery, genocide, settler colonialism, ethnocide, ecocide.
Destroying everything, anything.
Is this the humanity you seek?
The humanity you’ve been so preoccupied with, you forgot you
You lost yourself, tearing yourself apart
Stop getting distracted.
They are not worth your energy
Not worth your time
Not worth your mental health
Choose to heal the scars that have made you a slave to begging for the love of an abusive hateful master.
Unlearn self-hatred, mental slavery
Unlearn the aspiration to be human
Choose selflove
Choose black love
Choose you!
Heal your wounded soul

*Sesotho words elucidating the meaning of Ubuntu, an African humanist Philosophy: the words in their crudest sense mean: We are people. A person is a person because of other people. Thus to be human, there has to be a mutual recognition of each other’s humanity.