Personal Mastery

“Personal Mastery is a lifelong journey, you never arrive, it is a commitment to continuously improve yourself.”
“Personal Mastery is about:
-self love
-awareness of what has shaped you
-a clarity of purpose”

These were some of the first few words I heard upon my arrival at King’s College London. I’m starting my second Master’s programme, a mere three weeks after just having submitted my Master’s thesis at UCT.  It is daunting, I have such a tenuous relationship with academia, such a tenuous relationship with mental health. And postgraduate degrees are not necessarily the best thing for your mental health.

I was so apprehensive about moving, for I felt that if anything else, this year has been a great year for my self-improvement. Its been tough, I questioned a lot, I questioned myself and faced continual existential crises, but I am learning, growing, unlearning. So hearing these words from one my new mentors upon my arrival in London, I felt reassured that my process of becoming would remain unperturbed.

I am still afraid
but not uncertain.
Where I am going
Is where I am meant to be.
Is how I am becoming