2018: Unwaveringly Herself

Unwaveringly herself!

The first time I wrote those words it was almost flippantly. In an Instagram post even. But these two words. That effortless phrase, has become a life philosophy. As the new year begins however, I had felt myself a little empty, lacking in meaningful resolutions to pen down. But I soon realised, that I was already resolute. My cycle need not begin on the 1st of January 2018, it had already begun, when I started writing this blog. When I started to live in my truth: the joys of this truth, its traumas, its sadness, its fears and the cyclicality of self-love.

In the continuation of this cycle:

I am like the many flowers that bloomed in my garden despite the drought in Cape Town.

I am breathing defiantly in spaces meant to suffocate me.

I am growing, despite all expectations.


I am lovely.



Falling in love with myself, a flower!

Unwaveringly so.

I am,

Unwaveringly myself!