A Lament of the Growing Futility of our Rage

our anger has

no ability to destabilise

they have grown accustomed to our anger.


our anger is

their profit


deliberately they anger us

the more we scream


destroy ourselves

the more they line their pockets


and bulge

with the acidity of our anger

our anger is so profitable

they now sell it to themselves

and back to us

at times they appropriate it

have you seen them?

raising their fists

using our words

redefining our terms

twisting them, making them ugly

they are in love with the bile that rises from our stomachs

with the heat we feel in our necks

that burns our cheeks

the angry water that gathers in our eyes

the acidity that destroys us slowly

is filling them now

they are intoxicated by it

for white supremacy,

black pain is a helluva drug.


-the emptying well



Featured Image: Hevria